Monday, October 11, 2010

Seasonal Consignments? Yes, please!

If you haven't heard about kids seasonal clothing consignments yet, you are missing out! It's a great way to make tons of money honey and get all of they clothes your babydolls will need for the season. In my town we have two that both hold sales twice a year.

Here's the deal:

-You get your clothes ready for the sale - ironed, priced and hung.

-You take them to the sale and you'll probably be the one to put them on the racks.

-You normally will make around 70% of the selling price for your items.

-Once the sale is over you'll go pick up your items that didn't sale, which will probably be grouped and ready to go.

Now let me paint this picture a little clearer for you. This is not like a garage sale. These are like new clothes and toys, priced about 1/3 of the original price. So if you sale $400 worth of clothes then you'll bring home nearly $300! Believe me, even with the 30% going to the organizer - you'll still make a lot more than if you had a yard sale. I can't remember clearing much more than $200 at any yard sale I've ever had! These consignment sales are a great place to pick up boutique clothes. I always get Baby Boy's smocked outfits from there. (I just CANNOT bring myself to pay $80 for 1 outfit! - There I normally pay between $10-$20.)

Kids Consignment Sales is a great website where you can look up sales by state. I've used this website to see what's going on in my state although I've not yet made it to any sales other than the ones in my town.

Hope everyone checks it out. It's something I always, always  do and it's too good not to pass on!

Oh and don't get me wrong I'm super sentimental and I normally keep everything, but do I really need 25 swaddling blankets, of which we only used 5 sitting in my attic until we have the next one? Probably not, so I sold those suckers! I kept the ones that meant something and sold the ones that I didn't like or we never used - it's a win, win for everyone!


  1. I just scored some great stuff at a consignment sale . It was my first time doing one. I need to get myself organized so I can sell some stuff at the next one..pays for my shopping then.
    I am your newest follower.

  2. I have tons of a's clothes that she's outgrown. Trying to get them all sorted and sold somewhere to pay for her fall stuff! Thanks for the idea!

    BTW, I gave you an award!