Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bathroom Redo

When we bought our house 6 years ago one of the first things I knew would have to go was the bathroom. It was beyond ugly. Not to mention the 'door' if you want to call it that had a louver shutter in place of a real door. It was slats that you totally could see through, which scared all of our friends away from using our bathroom. Not exactly inviting for dinner parties. We remodeled it about a year or so after we moved it.

Here are some before photos...rose scalloped borders....really? It all had to go!

There was only a shower. We tore it out along with the wall there to make room for a bathtub.

I went with slate floors because I looove slate. I wanted an earthy, cozy, comfortable look. The walls are showing up a little brighter here than in person. It's an olive green color.

We were able to reuse the existing sink and mirror. I love all white rugs, towels, etc.I like clean and simple in the bathroom. This is now...

 A few weeks ago I did a $50 freshen up. I bought a new rug, new towels, new basket and candle. It was a cheap way to give it a little face lift.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My August Favorite Things

This is my first favorite things and I'm so excited to share! Head on over to Cleared for Takeoff to find an awesome linky of other hot momma's favorite things!

1. Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss, MAX Shade
This stuff is heavenly! I only wear nude colored sticky, sticky lip gloss and this is just that!

2. Crate and Barrel Oil Spritzer
This takes the place of that aerosol non stick spray. I use olive oil in mine, it's healthier for you and it's all natural, no extras added in!

3. Ipad
This should have been #1 because I can't live without it!!!!! I'm obsessed.

4. Pottery Barn Bella Paisley Shams
We're redoing the bedroom and I've just added these shams. My secret is, however, I ordered them from eBay - brand new still in the package for 1/2 the price!

5. Pinterest
Yea I'm the last one to join, but I finally did it and all you crazies were right...IT'S SO ADDICTING!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Date Night Do Over - Japanese

A little while back I showed you how to make my favorite chicken pesto pizza that I get at a little pizza place downtown. I showed you how I make it at home to save $$ (and the hassle of going out).

Now I'm going to share another dirty little secret of mine with you.......

We have Japanese date night at home too! I looooove hibachi chicken, fried rice and sushi! At my local Japanese place we can easily spend $75 on one meal. For years now I've been 'ripping' them off so to speak. I'll be honest I cannot make fried rice like they can. I've tried and it sucks. I also can't make sushi. I've wanted to try, but I'm afraid I'll get nasty fish and poison Hubs. So I take a little help from them and add a little of my own stuff and it turns out GREAT.

First I place a call in order for 3 orders of fried rice, yea, yea I said 3...we like a lot of rice. They're only $3 ea!

I also order sushi - $5

and seafood sauce - $3 (it's ohhhh so good and we eat it on all the meat not just the seafood).

So my total with tax is $18.53 from the restaurant.

Then from the store you'll need:
1 lb chicken - $3
teriyaki sauce - $2 (I used Lawry's.)
shredded cabbage -$2
any other veggies you want to stir fry

My store total with tax is $7.63.

This time I only did cabbage along with some carrots and green onion I already had.

You cut up the veggies you want to stir fry.

Add them to a pan with a little olive oil, teriyaki sauce, salt/pepper and cook until tender.

You cook your chicken the same way. Cut it up and stir fry with a little olive oil and teriyaki sauce until done.

Then you plate with your rice.

Total for everything $26.16!
Total savings $48.84.

To make it a complete meal break out a bottle of Trader's Joes' 'Two Buck Chuck' and you're set and you'll still save over $45.00!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Momma's Back!

Hello blog world! It's been a long, long wait, but.....I'm back! I haven't written a post since December. I have so much to share! I've been working on my goal and I'm proud to say there have been some drastic changes in our lives. Changes for the good. Since the last time I shared with you, my precious baby boy has turned 2! He's actually 2 1/2 now. He's thriving and beautiful. The biggest change is I've gone part time! Alert the media! I'm not just a SAHM wannabe now. I'm a PTSAHM (new word!). So I'm kinda still a wannabe since it's only part time but I also can kinda own the stay at home mom thing too. Word.

My focus for this blog was to share my journey from a full time working Mommy to a full time stay at home Mommy. Honestly, I quit blogging because, along with being busy with life, I got discouraged. It seemed like too long of a 'journey' to blog about. I got bored because I felt like I was repeating myself - like I wasn't actually doing anything to make it happen. I stopped and had a heart to heart with myself, my husband and my Lord. I prayed so hard for it to happen if it was meant to happen. I didn't sit back anymore. I got focused and it happened. The big changes I needed to make, didn't seem so big anymore. I sold my newer SUV and got a less expensive one. We buckled down and paid off our other car. We actually stopped eating out. Before we had stopped, but caved so quickly soon after. This time it was real. We also have decided to be more healthy so it's a win, win. Less expensive car = less expensive insurance and tag, cable is still cut back, Walmart trips are really nonexistent now (a victory in itself - I really loathe Walmart), date nights are more creative, meaning less money. I don't miss any of my cuts. Truly, it excites me to do them. Yea I'm only part time right now - I'm only half way there...but I'm HALF way there!!! It's a blessing and I couldn't be more thankful!

Since cutting back I've had time to do so much more. The things I've been wanting to do for so long. I've been doing crafts, re-dos, homemade foods and cleaners....tons of stuff I'm going to be sharing over the next few weeks.

I'm ready to learn, share and possibly inspire.