Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Love!

This past weekend we went and spent some time at the pumpkin patch. Baby Boy was perfect! He did so good and had a blast! The place we went to has a real pumpkin patch & sunflower fields for picking, along with wagon & train rides, animals and a fresh veggie market.

It's so much fun to pick your own pumpkin. We picked a big one for Daddy, a medium one for Momma and a tiny one for Baby.

My child loved the animals so much, he would have been happy bringing his blankey and parking it there for the night! {Notice the hot hubby reference...hey I can't lie!}

The sunflowers were breathtaking, as always. They let you pick them for free - it's great! We all know how much I adore FREE!

No pumpkin patch is complete without a wagon ride to & from the fields. Of course the youngin' loved this too!

It was a great family day. Nothing beats times like these....memories we'll have forever!


  1. The photos are lovely! How cool that the sunflowers are free!


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