Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pantry Raid!

So Katie {one of my all time FAV blog-Mommies} over at Cleared for Takeoff decided to initiate a pantry raid {not to be confused with panty raid} for us Mommy bloggers!

It's pretty self explanatory, you just take pics of your pantry {empty, full, messy or overly organized} and humiliate yourself by sharing them with the world! Nah, it shouldn't be too bad. I told Katie, I'd participate but that I'd have to (1) go to the store first because we had NO food in the house and (2) organize because it was a jungle in there! She said, no, no we want to see the real you.

Okay Katie, I didn't go to the store {and to my surprise we had plenty of food} but I did clear the jungle a bit and face the labels out {so I could get my product placement $$, of course!}.

Well here goes...


So you have...syrup on the top left, followed by a baking shelf that might as well not exist other than to hold the tea bags used to make sweet tea
{can't be from the South and not like sweet tea}.

Next you have a heap of spices & herbs...these I use alot.

BabyBoy's shelf is looking pretty bare! You got Enfamil formula they keep sending me in the mail {he's 18 months old people!! he's off the formula - thank heavens! and where were you when we was 6 months and going through a can a day!?}

Moving right along..

Top right, boring...just bread and crackers followed by super fun baskets - YAY! They keep up with all the small stuff.

Now the canned food. So apparently there's been a pumpkin shortage of some sort and Libby's canned pumpkin is selling like hotcakes on eBay for nearly $10/can! Unbelievable! So I read about this yesterday and I found these 2 that had been in my cabinet waiting to be turned into a pumpkin cheesecake for nearly a year. They'll be on eBay by the weekend!

Lastly boxed goods along with my fav - Trader Joe's Soup!

I did it all for you Katie! To see more Momma Pantries check out Katie's Pantry Link Party!


  1. OMG girl. The pumpkin? Yummsies! I added your link to the bloghop :)

  2. That's weird about the pumpkin shortage! I bet people are going to freak out in October & November! Luckily I don't like pumpkin anyway. =)

    I love all of your spices! I have a ton in a drawer across from my fridge, but I'm not at all a cook so I don't use (or even know how to use) more than a few of them: black pepper, McCormick Italian Grinder, salt (only if I'm eating potatoes), and occasionally taco seasoning.

  3. LOL about the canned pumpkin--I see there is a big empty hole on the shelf where I shop with a sign explaining why. I need to treat the cans I have with a little more respect I guess =)

  4. Yea, the pumpkin stuff was ca-razy! Anywho, hope you all enjoyed! I loved being nosey and peeking in yours!! :)

  5. I have been hearing about the pumpkin SITUATION. This is bad news if it's true. I've been trying to find some for the past few weeks. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MAKE ALL THESE YUMMY PUMPKIN RECIPES I HAVE JUST GOTTEN WHEN I CAN'T GET ANY PUMPKIN PEOPLE!! ARG!! lol

  6. You have the prettiest most organized pantry I've ever seen. :)