Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Checklist for Life

So I'm having difficulties keeping all the things I want to accomplish, organized in the ol' vault (aka my head). I need some structure...some organization....I need what every woman uses, what my mother lives by....I need a CHECKLIST! I want to make a checklist of the things I need (want) to accomplish within this little transition time I'm going through.

I'm just gonna dive right in.

Checklist for life - well...part life, part just crap that needs to get done!
{in no certain order}:

*Quit my job (Ha! Maybe I should start out with something a tad more reachable in a short amount of time, to get me motivated...though still, it remains on the list)

*Get avocado & salsa verde for the recipe I'm cooking tonight (much more attainable)

*Buy the leather couch I've been eyeing for months (so much for cutbacks that month!)

*Cut off the cable, we just don't use it enough and we're addicted to Netflix through xBox (now I'm back on track)

*Finish painting the windows on the outside of our house

*Make a new bedskirt for our bed

*Get all crafty like Something Old to Something New (Momma needs some new clothes!)

*Try some avenues for extra income (Surveys? I just don't know if I can sit for 2 hrs to make $3. Once, I did one and got $16 for 20 mins...not bad, but I don't think it's very common. - we'll see)

*Finish baby boy's, baby book...he's 18 months's time

*Clean out/organize my laundry room ('s a hot mess)

*Detail my car, Get the hubs to detail my car

*Organize my recipes

*Scan mine and my hubby's old baby photos (I'm not just trying to think of things now...I've been wanting to do this for a while...weird I know)

*Get artsy with baby boy

*Make a coupon binder (you have to be organized to keep up with couponing)

*Spring clean, in the Fall (sell on eBay what we don't use or need)

*Sign up for Mom & Me dance/music class

*Get our dog, Nala to the vet for her yearly shots (poor baby, she and I both dread it every year)

*Decide what baby boy will be for Halloween (last year his costume was hands down the best ever....going to be hard to top it. Elvis lives!)

Enough with Elvis, back to checklist-land. Well, I guess that wraps up the list for now. It definitely helps clear my mind a little. I live by checklists. There's something about seeing it written out that helps. It'll be fun for me to see what actually gets accomplished, what becomes unimportant and what just sits there.


  1. Hi..Following you on Catch a wave Wednesday. Nice blog...and unique template.
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  2. Ha! You are just like me. I love a good checklist :)

  3. I am a new follower from the blog hop;)


  4. I LOVE checklists! And if I finish something that's not on the checklist, I add it so I can cross it off!

  5. My problem is I make the checklist, then forget where I put it...LOL.

    I'm following you from Bloggy Moms. Found your button there. :)

    Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

  6. I love checklists, too. Cute blog!

    Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

  7. Thanks for the link love! I hope you enjoyed the fish tacos.

  8. I am a list maker too. I would not know where to begin life without them.

    Stopping by from Bloggy Moms Blog Hop.

  9. Love your blog! Your list sounds much like mine!