Monday, August 23, 2010

Amazon Diaper Savings!

I'm sure all of you have heard about the Amazon diaper savings by now, but if not let me fill you in.

Amazon is running a special on diapers through their 'Subscribe and Save' program. When you sign up for Subscribe and Save, through the end of August you'll receive 30% off + free shipping!

You can also use 20% off coupons that are in Parenting and Parents magazines for the August and September issues.  Now the part that makes you want to can combine more than one of these coupons!

I happened to have August's and September's issues of Parenting and August's issue of Parents - so I had three 20% off coupons and it let me use them ALL + the 30% off and free shipping!

Here's how it went down:

Original Cost of Pampers (156 Count):   $ 40.00
30% Off (Sub/Save):                             - 12.00
20% Off (Parenting Aug)                       -   8.00
20% Off (Parenting Sept)                      -   8.00
20% Off (Parents Aug)                          -   8.00
+ FREE Shipping!                                    0.00
TOTAL                                                $  4.00!!

156 Pampers Max Dry diapers were at my door step in 2 days! I was ecstatic!

The 'Subscribe and Save' program is just an automatic shipment thing that you can unsubscribe to at anytime. After I got my shipment I went in and unsubscribed and got a confirmation within minutes.

$4 bucks and I'm set.........well until my child blows through these and I'm back to square one! But hey I'm good for now!

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  1. WHAT? Where have I been?? I am going to go sign up right now! Thanks for sharing!! :)