Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Date Night Do Over - Japanese

A little while back I showed you how to make my favorite chicken pesto pizza that I get at a little pizza place downtown. I showed you how I make it at home to save $$ (and the hassle of going out).

Now I'm going to share another dirty little secret of mine with you.......

We have Japanese date night at home too! I looooove hibachi chicken, fried rice and sushi! At my local Japanese place we can easily spend $75 on one meal. For years now I've been 'ripping' them off so to speak. I'll be honest I cannot make fried rice like they can. I've tried and it sucks. I also can't make sushi. I've wanted to try, but I'm afraid I'll get nasty fish and poison Hubs. So I take a little help from them and add a little of my own stuff and it turns out GREAT.

First I place a call in order for 3 orders of fried rice, yea, yea I said 3...we like a lot of rice. They're only $3 ea!

I also order sushi - $5

and seafood sauce - $3 (it's ohhhh so good and we eat it on all the meat not just the seafood).

So my total with tax is $18.53 from the restaurant.

Then from the store you'll need:
1 lb chicken - $3
teriyaki sauce - $2 (I used Lawry's.)
shredded cabbage -$2
any other veggies you want to stir fry

My store total with tax is $7.63.

This time I only did cabbage along with some carrots and green onion I already had.

You cut up the veggies you want to stir fry.

Add them to a pan with a little olive oil, teriyaki sauce, salt/pepper and cook until tender.

You cook your chicken the same way. Cut it up and stir fry with a little olive oil and teriyaki sauce until done.

Then you plate with your rice.

Total for everything $26.16!
Total savings $48.84.

To make it a complete meal break out a bottle of Trader's Joes' 'Two Buck Chuck' and you're set and you'll still save over $45.00!

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