Friday, December 3, 2010

Gift Giving...

Christmas time is upon us folks! It's an exciting time of year. This year we have decided to take it easy on gifts. We've been blessed throughout the year beyond measure. Our family doesn't go lacking for anything. All of our needs are met and for that we are so thankful.

We have decided to go 'light' on the gift-giving this year. We want to make a point not to shower our child with gifts for Christmas. Christmas isn't about spending money and being self absorbed. It's about helping others, showing love, enjoying family and being thankful for the many blessing that we have. We're going to give Baby Boy one, kinda big thing from Santa and some small things from Mommy and Daddy. We want him to know from an early age the reason we celebrate Christmas.

As for our families we're also scaling back on the gift giving and we're giving part of the money we would normally spend to other families in need. We have adopted the most humble family for Christmas. I've already felt so blessed just to have met them. In the end, we'll be the ones to carry away the blessings.

So I've been racking my brain trying to think of some great homemade gifts for loved ones, like my grandparents. Something that will be from the heart that they can keep. I think Shutterfly is going to be the answer to my prayers. It's not exactly homemade, like a popsicle stick candle holder, haha, but that's probably better, I mean who really uses a popsicle stick candle holder?!

Shutterfly has all kinds of things you can make with your uploaded pictures. I think a calender will be the perfect thing for my grandparents. They'll be able to use it and save it as a keepsake for the photos. It's a win, win. Shutterfly also offers Christmas cards that I'm going to give out to everyone. It's a step beyond the normal card because you actually put time into it and people can keep it because of the pictures.

They're so cute!

I think the whole thing is just doing something more personal -again it's about giving things from the heart. Things that mean something and make your think of the people who you love. You don't have to break the bank to give a gift that really means something.

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